Bike riding is more adventurous and fun-loving when you customize your bike. And there are many ways you can do so, like adding personalized stickers, adding custom paints, adding custom gears, etc.. to your bike. 

Bikers use customized stickers not only to make their bikes eye-catching but also identifiable, unique, self-made, and awesome. Also, stickers can help keep you safe, especially at night. When riding your bike at night, other bikers and motorists can easily spot you from a distance if you have ultra-bright fluorescent stickers.

While it looks easy to apply or remove custom bike stickers, it takes some skills to get it right. Let’s learn some of these skills.

Applying Custom Bike stickers

Custom name sticker

If you really love your bike, then you must be very cautious with it always. Most bikers will just buy a sticker and apply it on their bikes, not knowing there is a procedure to be followed. Here is how to do it right.

1. Identify the part of the bike to apply the stickers

Have you ever seen a bike with stickers on its wheels? If yes, how long do you think they will stay there? 

The truth is, not all parts of a bike can hold up to stickers. Therefore, you must identify the appropriate place to apply the stickers on the bike. If you are using name stickers for bikes, you want to place them where the details on the sticker are visible and readable.

The surface should be smooth, and flat and the part should not be one that moves or stretches when the bike is in motion.

2. Clean the surface

A bike sticker will only hold on to a clean and dry surface. Here, you’ll need a mixture of soap and water or alcohol and water; the latter works best. Anything that can prevent the sticker from sticking should be removed. This includes things like grease or oil, dirt, and silicon spray.

Avoid using window cleaning products when preparing the surface as they can leave some residues behind, making the stick less effective.

3. Apply the sticker

You should wait until the temperatures are moderate before you apply the sticker to your bike.  

A masking tape will help you position the sticker as required. Apply the sticker with even pressure. Avoid touching the adhesive part of the sticker, as this will reduce its effectiveness.

Removing The Sticker

If you feel that you don’t need the sticker anymore or perhaps want to apply another sticker, you can safely remove the existing sticker without leaving any residuals on your bike.

Waterproof stickers for bikes may be hard to get rid of, as they are designed for durability. But this doesn’t mean they can’t come off your bike. A heat gun or heat dryer will help you remove custom bike stickers. All you need to do is heat the underside of the sticker to soften it up. Once done, you can scrape it off using a razor blade or a sharp knife.

Bottom Line

Applying custom bicycle stickers is easy, but you need to do it right. The surface must be clean and free from any components that could prevent the sticker from sticking to the bike. Most bike stickers are wind and rainproof, so you shouldn’t mind riding during rainy or windy seasons.