Navigate shop button on top of page in the header section -> select the interested category -> select your items you'd like to buy-> add it to the cart-> go to cart page and confirm to checkout -> add your billing and shipping details in the checkout page-> select your payment method to COD or Prepaid -> confirm by accepting the terms and conditions -> click on Place Order button and confirm payment.

You will find My Account icon at the top right corner of the page next to the search bar, select it and sign up with your credentials or log in with the required credentials.

In such cases please navigate to My Account and then you can change your password by clicking on the forgot password option.

In cases you forgot your username and password, Kindly use your mail address to recover. and then try logging in again. If at all this doesn't work, we will be happy to help you on our WhatsApp for Business number - 7975893974

You can add products to the Cart by clicking on the cart icon on all the product cards. ->Add image

You can add a product to wishlist by clicking on the Add to Wishlist button in the product page. ->Add image

You can find the promo code section in the Cart page and Checkout page, before making payment, make sure the promocode you have entered is applied.

No, as per our policies you cannot make any changes once the order is placed. We recommend you to place a fresh order.

After dispatching the order from the processing center you will receive the shipping and tracking details of your order from our logistics partner - shiprocket on to your mail ID and to your registered mobile number.

We would apologize for the inconvenience caused by us. We request you to Share us your order details and pictures of the received product to our WhatsApp business number - 7579893974. Our team will look into the matter and get back to you in 48 hours.

Please make sure you have entered the right credentials. If you still find trouble accessing your account please contact us via mail or WhatsApp business chat.

Yes they are, either you contact us to place an order for distribution or you can checkout selected products from retail buyers.

Yes, You can find our offline dealers or Retails stores across India by navigating to Our Associations Page.

Yes, we do have a COD payment method to all our customers but with a nominal charge of Rs.30 extra with your order. You can opt for a Prepaid payment method to avoid COD charges and also avail discounts or offers on your transaction.

It usually takes around 4-7 business working days to deliver your order. But due to situations around COVID-19, You may expect service delays.

You can make payment through Neft, COD… (add images).

Yes, of course, you can.

Yes, it's available.

Yes, you can.

A virtual wallet From Inline-4 especially for your convenient shopping. The beauty of having a Wallet is to add money in for a very long period of time, and apart from that, you can also see a refunded amount.

Yes you have the option to transfer your wallet balance to another user account.

You can use your credits while purchasing a new item.

Please check your network connection and make sure you have enough money to make the payment.

You can contact us by emailing your order details and we will be happy to help you on our WhatsApp for Business number - 7975893974

Please navigate to my account -> My Orders and then you will be able to see the cancel option to cancel your orders.

Please read our Return Policy/Cancel policies.

The Credited Refund amount will reflect in your e-wallet or in your bank account.

We ship the products through our various courier services and they will transport the product to various channels.

Yes, we do ship all over India.