Inline-4 was founded with an idea of creating a range of Automotive Accessories, Apparel, and Merchandise Products for the Automotive Enthusiasts in India.
It is one of a kind platform with a motto of providing Exclusive motorcycle builds, High quality biker accessories, gasoline culture clothing and merchandise products across the country.
We are proudly made in Bangalore with love and passion – Run by One Creator who loves his motorcycles and his passion towards it ( just as much as you do ) and that was always above everything.
Now, Inline-4 is built with the idea of loving what you do and following what your heart says.
We are here to fuel your passion towards motorsport and serve you right with our best quality products and services, to keep you and your Ride happy!
We are a change to the people who are passionate about Motorcycles, Cars and anything that runs on wheels. We try and ensure that this philosophy is believed and practiced by all those who come and join our crew. So if you’re passionate about motorsport and bored of your current job, give no thoughts. This is what we live for.
Follow your heart, keep your passion alive.

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Note: Office Hours are Monday-Friday 10:30 AM to 6:30PM

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