It’s March 2021 and the petrol price is at ₹94.44 and diesel at ₹86.37. Almost high enough to be considered a luxury. Honestly, though seeing how things have been going for the past 1 year, this doesn’t come off as a surprise. I think we’ve become used to and dare I say numb to such crises. Moments like these make us look for alternatives. 

Electric vehicles are a viable option although there are a lot of preconceptions and doubts regarding them. This makes sense though, for a country like India where we’ve been comfortable with the notion of using fuel for vehicles, and burning rubber, and waking up the neighbors with your deafeningly loud silencers, asking the population to shift towards electric will be a daunting task. Something that’ll take years to accomplish. However, we believe that with proper education this process can be sped up. 

While debunking certain myths and misbeliefs about these is the primary goal, we have also highlighted a few pros and cons regarding electric vehicles, thus helping you as a consumer make a more conscious decision.

The best way to start is to debunk some common myths regarding electric vehicles which prevent people from buying them.

  1. I drive around a lot and electric vehicles are not a suitable option since they have low ranges and I can’t keep charging them.
Electric vehicles not only have improved ranges, but faster charging times.

This is probably one of the biggest factors that deter all potential buyers. While it was true that electric cars had fewer ranges a few years ago, with so much improvement in technology, electric cars can easily last for a minimum of 300kms.

If you’re in the city it’s highly unlikely that you would be traveling anything close to that on any given day, unless you’re Jason Statham.

So if it’s just the office and home and then the usual too lazy to walk to the grocery store ride, electric cars can easily last you a day. 

Electric scooters give you a range of almost 120km and with such short charging times, you can plug it right after you reach home and you’ll be up and ready the next day.

  1. Electric vehicles are no fun and I like some pump to my everyday ride.
( Audi Rs etron gt on one side and another audi RS7 on other side)

Now while we agree that electric vehicles are no match when it comes to filling your ears with that sweet engine roar, and it doesn’t help when it comes to revving your bike in front of your crush to impress her, which makes you look like an idiot, it’s false to assume that electric bikes are no fun. Them being so silent is perfect for you to come back home drunk without your mom waking up.

Any more subtle and you could be batman.

Electric vehicles, since they have no lag, can sometimes accelerate faster than an internal combustion engine.

With companies spending more on electric vehicles, the performance of the same has drastically increased and no more resembles the old boring electric vehicles. 

  1. I’ll be consuming more electricity and will add to my expenses.
Even though mopeds, such as the Aether, are a bit on the expensive side, it’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

Well, this seems stupid to even consider, the money you save from not using fuel will be more than enough to cover your electric expenses. With improved battery technology, you won’t even have to charge your vehicle that often. So it also saves you a trip to the fuel station and then having to wait in a line and getting in a fight with a guy who cut you off. All of these can be easily avoided with electric vehicles.

For an average consumer traveling about 30km daily, petrol prices can go up to ₹250-₹300, while the cost when you’re using an electric vehicle is almost less than ₹50.

This is a drastic difference and with time will save a lot of money.

  1. Charging an electric vehicle is a lot of hassle.
With Tesla entering the Indian market, other companies will soon follow suit to capitalize on the growing rage for electric vehicles. 

While it is true that options are limited for charging your vehicle. With improved ranges, you don’t have to charge them that often. The Government has provided provisions for charging stations in major governmental establishments, malls, and other public spaces. Certain apartments have also set up charging points that you can use while you get done with your BIZNESS.

So charging is bound to get more convenient as more and more electric vehicles pop up on the market.

  1. Electric vehicles still consume electricity which in turn is produced from fossil fuels.

While this was true a decade ago, electricity these days are produced by more unconventional methods, like solar, hydro and hence the energy being used is green in all stages.

And if you’ve got a solar panel set up at your home, you’ll practically be driving for free. Life Hacks 101.

  1. Electric vehicles are expensive.
The new Tata Nexon EV has a competitive price of ₹14lakhs.

The majority of the budget for an electric vehicle goes towards its batteries. Electric vehicles use lithium-ion batteries, the same ones used in your smartphones, but bigger and more in number. These batteries contribute to almost 50% of the car price. This is because the materials used in the construction of these batteries are quite expensive. With more R&D being performed and alternative materials being tested, battery prices are bound to reduce. 

Just in this last decade, the price of batteries has gone down more than 50%.

In the coming years, this will continue to reduce and with more and more companies realizing that electric is the way and ditching combustion engines, electric vehicles are bound to get cheaper.

  1. Electric vehicles are high maintenance.

This is quite the opposite, electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and don\’t need constant oil changes. They use a simple mechanism of power transfer and hence require very little maintenance when compared to Internal combustion engine vehicles.

  1. Electric vehicles, especially electric cars are unsafe.
Ignoring the flawed auto pilot feature, Tesla has gone all out with the standard safety aspects of a car.

Driving like a maniac while chugging some JD will end up with you flipped over and coughing blood, no matter what the car. 

In case you do end up in a collision, electric cars have technology that cut off the power supplies by shutting down the fuse thus reducing the chances of fire. 

When it comes to other safety features, electric vehicles go through the same safety tests as internal combustion vehicles. And with mandated safety rules by the government, like passenger airbags, vehicles are bound to get safer.

I’m sure at least one of these will apply to you and hopefully, this post has changed your mind. With increasing demands, fuel prices are bound to keep increasing. However, the choice to opt for something greener and economical is in your hands and we believe that electric vehicles are the future of transportation.

If we have missed something, Let us know in the comments section below.