VR 46 Combo Set



Rossi just hit the fan.


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Rossi has been in the sport for a while now. He’s got a pretty huge fan base, loyal too. So loyal they can actually carry out threats against other racers. Remember Sepang 2018?

Well, you could be that kind of fan. Although we highly do not recommend it, since last time we heard jail is not a fun place.

However, if you’re the other kind of fan and want to represent The Doctor, this combo is exactly for you. Stunning-looking stickers, badges, and key tags that you can rock to show some love for our favorite Italian, right next to the guy who invented Pizza.

Combo Includes:

  • 3 Moto Stickers
  • 2 Badge
  • 1 ValeyYellow Moto Keytag
  • 1 Sun and Moon Keytag


Additional information


High quality Automotive grade sticker, High-Quality wrist band size ( 5.5 x 1 Inch) Polyester Lanyards Keytags., premium quality waterproof button badges.


Multicolour with original art prints

Estimated Delivery TIme

4-7 Business working days.


Colors may slightly vary depending on your screen brightness.


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VR 46 Combo Set

VR 46 Combo Set