Road Rash is a bike hustling computer game series by Electronic arts in which the player takes part in rough, unlawful road races. The series began the Sega Beginning/Uber Drive and was delivered on different frameworks throughout the long term. The game’s title depends on the shoptalk term for the serious erosion consumes that can happen in a cruiser fall where skin comes into contact with the ground at high speed.

Six unique games were let out of 1991 to 2000, and a substitute variant of one game was created for the Game Kid Advance. The Sega Beginning set of three was re-delivered in EA Replay.


Road Rash (1991)

Road Rash debuted on the Sega Genesis in 1991. The game takes place in California, on progressively longer two-lane roads. The two-player mode allows two people to play alternating. There are 14 other opponents in a race. A port of the game was released for the Amiga, and various scaled-down versions were made for Master System, Game Gear, and Game Boy. The Game Boy version is one of two licensed games that is incompatible with the Game Boy Color and newer consoles in the Game Boy line. A SNES version was planned and then canceled

Road Rash II (1992)

Road Rash II was delivered in 1992 for the Sega Beginning. The spin-off took the motor and sprites from the principal game and added more happy. The biggest expansion was legitimate two-player modes: “Split Screen” versus the other PC rivals, and the duel mode “Mano A Mano”. The races happen the whole way across the US: The Frozen North, Hawaii, Tennessee, Arizona, and Vermont. The rundown of bicycles has been expanded to fifteen (isolated into three classes, with the later ones highlighting nitro helps), and a chain was added to enhance the club. Different subtleties incorporate the route of the menu screens being significantly simpler; and more reasonable passwords, being not exactly a portion of the size of the principal game.

Road Rash (1994)

for CD-based platforms like the 3DO, Sega CD, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and Microsoft Windows; released in 1994. It has a number of updates, including the ability to select characters before starting the game, fleshed-out reputation and gossip systems, and full-motion video sequences to advance the plot. Characters can start with a variety of starting cashpiles, bikes, and weapons. The City, The Peninsula, Pacific Coast Highway, Sierra Nevada, and Napa Valley are just a few of the all-California locations found in the game. The roadways themselves have a few short segments of divided roads.

Road Rash 3 (1995)

In 1995, Road Rash 3 was made available for the Sega Genesis. Every level of the competition includes five of the total seven locations: Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Australia, and Japan. Each of the fifteen standard bikes also has four part upgrades available. Road Rash 3 introduces the player’s ability to hold onto weapons between races and to amass several weapons, in addition to the eight weapons that are already available.

Road Rash 3D (1998)For the PlayStation,

Road Rash 3D was published in 1998. The majority of the game does not use sprites. The race courses were constructed from a network of interconnecting highways. Less focus is placed on battle in favour of more emphasis on racing in this game.

Road Rash 64 (1999)

Road Rash 64 was delivered in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. Electronic  arts didn’t plan or distribute it; the licensed innovation privileges were authorized to THQ, which thus had its own Pacific Coast Power and Light (established by previous EA

employee don Traeger) foster the game.

Road Rash: jailbreak (2000)

Road Rash: jailbreak was delivered in 2000 for the PlayStation, with a handheld port delivered in 2003 for the Game boy Advance with a similar title. New highlights incorporate an interconnected street framework and two-player helpful play with a sidecar.

Road Rash (Java) (2009)

Road Rash (Java) was delivered in 2009 for J2ME. It was sold on EA Portable site as it were.


1.ZYX 250 kamikaze

Priced at $3497, the ZYX 250 is one of the best Rat Bike in the game.

It has a 250cc Engine which is perfect for beginners.

Its in-game color is Black.

-Notable Riders

Cydney Bass

2.Diablo Vampiro is one of the Sport Bikes available in Road Rash. It is the second most expensive Sport Bike.

he Italian-made Vampiro combines blazing speed and sharp handling in a bike that devastates the competition.

diablo vampiro specs

Top SpeedBlurring(˜140 mph or 225 kmph as tested)
Power90 HP
Weight440 lbs

3.Diablo Vipera N is one of the Super Bikes available in Road Rash. It is the most expensive bike in the game.

King of the Supers, the nitro Vipera is the most monstrous production bike ever to rule the road . Drived by Bose Jefferson

Diablo vipera N specs

Acceleration Lethal
Top SpeedBlinding(˜200 mph or 322 kmph with nitro as tested)
Power160 HP
Weight490 lbs

4.Perro Pico is one of the Rat Bikes available in Road Rash. It is one of the starter bikes, and is owned by Slim Jim and Pearl McKurdy.

Perro Pico handles very well, but it is the slowest bike in the game, in terms of acceleration and speed. For this reason, it is generally not recommended for Level 1.

5.Corsair Swallow is one of the Rat Bikes available in Road Rash. It is one of the starter bikes, and is owned by Axle and Rhonda Rash.

Corsair Swallow does not exceed in any category. It is faster than the 125cc Perro Pico, and accelerates faster than the aforementioned bike, but has worse handling. It is also outclassed by the remaining three Rat Bikes. While it is fairly easy to use, the 250cc Kamikaze ZYX 250 is a better motorcycle for beginners because of its superior performance.

6.Banzai Sport 450 is one of the Rat Bikes available in Road Rash. No character starts of with it, and it can be purchased from the bike shop.

Banzai Sport 450 is a very good Rat Bike, being significantly faster and quicker accelerating than the 125cc Perro Pico, the 400cc Corsair Swallow and the 250cc Kamikaze ZYX 250, while handling slightly worse than the Perro Pico and the Kamikaze. It is also outclassed in speed only by the 500cc Killer Rat, which it handles better than. Therefore, it is a great bike to use when getting started.

7.Killer Rat is one of the Rat Bikes available in Road Rash. No character starts of with it, and it can be purchased from the bike shop. The Killer Rat is the fastest and quickest accelerating Rat Bike, even faster than the 600cc Stilleto Aggressore and the 750cc Kamikaze ZYX 750 which are sports bikes, and has one of the best handling among all the bikes. The 250cc Perro Grande ties in speed with the Killer Rat, although the Killer Rat has better handling and is faster off-road compared to the Perro Grande which slows down off-road. The Killer Rat’s cheaper price compared to the sports bikes is mainly because it is made up of several wrecked bikes compiled together, though it is the most expensive of the Rat Bikes and better than all the other Rat Bikes by a large margin. It is capable of taking first place upto Level 3, but starts to fade out in power from Level 4 onwards when other bikers all have nitrous. 750cc Diablo Vampiro is the first sport bike to legitimately surpass the Killer Rat in Speed and Acceleration, although the Killer Rat retains better handling.


The main reason of popularity of this game was it’s fighting while racing. This is the new thing on that time and no other game has such type of theme.

It is masterpiece of that time.

In India Desktops or laptops are “assembled” (Hardware or software) by some pseudo-IT guy who installs a pirated version of Windows on your PC and charges 500Rs for formatting it. These guys carry with themselves pendrives or CDs which contain songs,wallpapers,movies,games and stuff. The Reason why Roadrash,Vcop2,age of empires etc are popular is beacuse they have small sizes and are conveniently stored on the IT guy’s PD. Also they are pretty easy to play.

Other reason would be We love free stuff and our parents love cheap stuff. Road Rash would run on any low end PC from the 90s.However, there was another reason why every kid from the 90s loved these as you could battle or beat up your opponents as your friend/brother navigates the bike. One could specifically target the cops while the other could use the nitro boost cheat and speed along.

Road Rash was a single player game. But it was equally fun with two people playing the same game at the same time with the same player.